Terms and Condition

1. Using the Site: The website can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. You are not allowed to use the website for business purposes.

2. Intellectual Property and Content: Copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws safeguard the website’s text, graphics, and other content. Without the explicit written permission of the owner of the website, you are not permitted to reproduce, distribute, or use the content in any way.

3. Disclaimer of Liability: The website only contains general information and is not intended to replace professional guidance. Damages caused by using the website or its content are not the responsibility of the website owner or its affiliates.

4. External Website Links: There may be links on the website to other websites that are not under the owner’s control. The privacy policies and content of any linked websites are not under the control of the website owner.

5. Terms and Conditions Modifications: These terms and conditions may be altered at any time by the owner of the website without prior notice. Any changes will be considered accepted if you continue to use the website.

6. Laws That Apply: The laws of the country where the website is hosted will be used to interpret and apply these terms and conditions. The laws of that jurisdiction will be used to settle any disagreements resulting from these terms and conditions.

7. Policy on Privacy: The owner of the website is committed to safeguarding user privacy. On the website, there is a separate privacy policy that explains how personal information is collected, used, and protected.

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