Strawberry Bliss Protein Shake

Looking for a healthy, antioxidant wealthy protein drink? This recipe gives lots of protein and fiber all packed into one fresh drink.

Strawberries and chia seeds provide lots of fiber and each are low in carbohydrates. They additionally have super antioxidant properties, making them precise for enhancing the immune system, stopping towards numerous kinds of cancers, and for decreasing the symptoms and symptoms of untimely ageing. Chia`s fiber content material is most advantageous at 80% insoluble fiber to 20% soluble fiber. Plus it is able to assist decrease cholesterol, enhance intestinal fitness and regularity and can assist lessen the chance of colon cancer.

It`s the final anti-ageing protein shake!

Strawberry Bliss – Protein Shake Recipe

A High Fiber, Low-Carb Protein Shake


- 6- eight ounces of unsweetened coconut milk (or base of choice)
- 1 scoop chocolate protein powder (Thorne)
- half of cup frozen strawberries
- 1 TBSP avocado
- 1 TBSP chia seeds
- ½ tsp of vanilla extract
- half of cup of ice cubes (begin with some and upload extra as wanted)
- Optional ~ Add four or extra drops of liquid stevia (Kal brand) for delivered sweetness


- Start via way of means of including your liquid base. Remember initially much less. You can usually upload extra to get it to simply the thickness you prefer.
- Place last components in blender and cowl with lid.
Blend thoroughly
- Check for consistency and favored thickness, upload extra liquid and/or ice if wanted and mix a 2d time to finish the recipe. Everyone has a barely unique choice on the subject of thickness of protein shakes, make some notes for your self as to how a great deal ice & liquid you prefer.  Before you realize it, you`ll be capable of make this shake in no time!


- Cut and freeze bananas in advance of time.  The extra brown a banana is, the sweeter it's going to make your shake taste.  Keep in thoughts it's going to additionally provide a better sugar content material.  You can test with yellow to yellow-inexperienced banana for much less sugar and a extra resistant starchy carb.  Another manner to lessen your sugar content material could be to without a doubt use much less banana.

- Avocados also can be reduce clean after which frozen.

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