Elon Musk: Dogecoin, BTC and Ethereum have shiny future – Will DOGE fee hit $1?

It’s no secret that memecoin Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the favourite cryptocurrencies of Elon Musk. The world’s richest man leaves no possibility to discuss about it each time feasible.

Post the fall down of the crypto trade FTX remaining week, the whole crypto area is witnessing the most brutal winter. As a result, talks have started outround which crypto assignment can continue to exist and shall come out better at the stop of this undergo market.

While most crypto analysts have been talking of the apparent names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few others, Elon Musk has introduced Dogecoin to this list. While hoping on a Twitter space, Musk shared his ideas on the present daycountry of the crypto market and shared a few names that he believes shouldlive on the modern-dayundergo onslaught.

Elon Musk talks about the FTX collapse

The FTX give way has unfold like a contagion throughouta number of cryptocurrency companies in the market. Crypto lenders like Genesis and BlockFi have suspended withdrawals owing to the modern situation. Elon Musk additionally shared his ideas on FTX’s submitting for bankruptcy.

The billionaire stated that buyersmustanalyze from the contemporarytournament and take this as a signal to now notpreserve their digital property on exchanges. Instead, they ought toshop them in bloodless wallets. Elon Musk additionally shared his ideas about FTX’s former chief Sam Bankman-Fried. Musk stated that he had first heard about SBF in April 2022 in the course of the Twitter acquisition deal.

Apparently, SBF was onceinclined to make investmentsintentlyround $3 billion to clutch a pie of Twitter Inc. “I acquired a ton of human beings telling me he’s got, you know, massivequantities of cash that he needs to make investments in the Twitter deal,” stated Musk. However, Musk denied SBF’s bid to make investmentseach time announcing that the FTX CEO had set off his “Bulls**t meter” at the time.

Musk’s latest endorsement of BTC, ETH, and DOGE hasn’t been mirrored in their fee yet. However, after Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the Dogecoin (DOGE) rate rallied particularlyquicktaking picturesviagreater than one hundredpercentage in a week’s time.

Currently, the DOGE charge has been shifting in accordance with the broader market consensus and is beneathpromoting pressure. It is presentlybuying and selling at $0.08 with a market cap of $11.3 billion.